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New Products

 Here you will find a list of new products we have added to our program:


Metallurgical Traveller Microscope B30-MTM

Metallurgical Traveller Microscope B30-MTMThe portable traveller microscope B30-MTM is used to inspect structures and defects on metallurgical surfaces, e.g. gas pipes.

X/Y fine adjustment

 USB power supply


magnetic stand for safe fixture on sufficient metals
  magnetic stand

coaxial coarse/fine focus drive
  coarse/fine focus drive

flexible configuration from our B30 component system:
  eye-pieces, turret and objectives, USB-camera
  turret and objectives


magnifications fields of view travel range
20x to 800x 9 mm to 0,27 mm X/Y 10 mm
Z 70 mm


Messmikroskop TM2 ProspektB30-MTM diagram download...


Toolmakers Microscope WMM200

Toolmakers Microscope WMM200Toolmakers Microscope WMM200

Toolmakers measuring microscope with swivel-mounted column, binocular tube and brilliant optics.

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  Toolmakers Microscope WMM200





Spinneret Inspection Microscope PR8

Spinneret Inspection Microscope PR8
Fully-automatic Spinneret Inspection Microscope for round and rectangular spinnerets

• large inspection range of 1200 x 500 mm with high movement speed

• 3 video systems:
  - for fast capillary detection (during the movement),
  - for precise inspection,
  - for manual counterbore inspection.

• compact design, all components integrated

• IMS-SpinScan software with easy user interface and high flexibility

Spinneret Inspection Microscopes brochureSpinneret Inspection Microscopes brochure download...