Positioning Systems

Positioning SystemsWe provide a wide range of precise high valuable accuracy classified linear stages, open or closed frame XY stages, micropositioning elements and rotary or lift tables.

Closed loop operation is supported by using optional steel or glas linear scales or rotary encoders.

Standard stands in grey iron cast or granite are available additionally.

The positioning systems can be driven by high resolution 2 or 3 axis motion controllers with joystick and RS232 interface.

 Positioning Systems examplesExamples

 Please select the positioning system type:

         Linear Stages                             XY Stages                         Rotary Stages

Linear StagesXY StagesRotary Stages
Lift TablesStands and AccessoriesMotion Controllers

           Lift Tables                     Stands and Accessories          Motion Controllers


All positioning systems are delivered with a quality check report. The report normally contains measuring protocols of flatness, straightness and positioning accuracy referring to VDI/VDE 2617.

flatness measuring protocol
straightness measuring protocol
positioning accuracy measuring protocol
Positioning Accuracy




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