Video Measuring Software IMS

Video Measuring Software IMS

The efficient fully-automated and highly integrated measuring software for measuring of series parts. Usable for recurring measuring tasks up to integration in CIM production plants.

IMS is available in english.



automatic measuring functions and combinations

intuitively usable tools are available for automatic edge detection
  and geometrical combination
sophisticated macro language

flexible and efficient macro-language with teach-in functionality
  for complete control of the measuring sequence with variables,
  sub-routines, database linking and text print-out
comfortable macro editor with breakpoints
comfortable macro editor with breakpoints
, variable inspection
  and online help
various imaging filters
various imaging filters: e.g. Lookup Tables, Laplace, Sobel, Median,
& Closing
fast and precise imaging-autofocus
customized text protocol
text protocol with
customized header
customized data input dialog
operation workflow with user input: yes/no message, inquiry dialog
  or customized data input dialog

additional 3D module Topocheck - 3D view
additional module "TopoCheck" for topography measurement
  with various sensors, 3D- or 2D view for X/Y and Z measurement
interface to operate external devices
flexible interface to operate external devices
  e.g. white light sensor, gauge, RS232 barcode reader, ODBC database


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