Video Measuring Software OMS

Video Measuring Software OMS

The flexible, easy-to-learn measuring software for two dimensional measurements of primary samples and small batches by either hand-operated or motorized-operated measuring microscopes, for use in laboratories or production areas.

OMS is available in english or german language.


measuring in the video image by mouseclick
easy manual measuring by mousclick directly in the video image
automatic measuring functions

intuitively usable tools are available for the automatic
  edge detection of point, line, circle and circle sector
example of a manual measuring function

flexible on-screen manual measuring function
scaled overlay masks
different scaled overlay masks
for direct shape and
  dimension comparison of products and prototype samples
list of already measured elements
list of already measured elements for further combinations
graphical part view
graphical part view for overview or element selection
  (with DXF export)
various functions to combine geometrical elements
various functions to combine already measured
  geometrical elements

customizable protocol header
customizable protocol header and logo
measuring results overlay for documentation
video image with measuring results overlay for documentation
measuring report with video image or part view
measuring report with video image or part view (with PDF export)
automatic measuring program with subroutine

automatic measuring program by teach-in with subroutine


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